Fall Foliage Colors

One of the reasons I wanted to go to the Travis County Park was to see the fall foliage colors along our way. In Texas, at least along our route, and maybe because of this time of the year, there was not much however we still see some of the beautiful foliage. Still so refreshing and beautiful. Nature is. There are just so much beauty around for our eyes to see away from the everyday grind 🙂

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Hamilton Pool Preserve

One of the stops on our trip this thanksgiving weekend was to the Hamilton Pool Preserve in Dripping Springs, Texas, just about 23 miles north of Austin off Highway 71. From the parking lot we hiked less than a mile through a kind of a rugged terrain, hilly and rocky, but there are trails and pathways that make it easy for tourists to walk, climb on and hike along. It was an amazing sight – the jade green pool, the 50-foot water falls and the cave that partly collapsed long time ago creating a dome, were awesome, and make a wonderful and unique photo opportunity. Stalactites growing from the ceiling are amazing too. At this time, there was no swimming allowed because of the bacteria level, but we went there to see the place in person since my boyfriend and I have never been there before. From the pool, we hiked about 0.60 mile to the Pedernales River, along the clear creek that was flowing from the pool. It was an easy hike if you take it slow while watching the creek, the big rocks, the woods and vegetation, and listening to the sound of nature. It was indeed beautiful and one of a kind experience. We got there at the perfect time about 10:00 am as there was only one vehicle in front of us and there were still a lot of parking spots. In case you’re wondering, there are porta potties 🙂 around the unpaved parking lot.
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Aerial view of Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges

It was time for a vacation and I was taking my parents with me to some places in the United States. New York was on our itinerary. This was our first view of New York city, the famous Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, as well as the Manhattan Skyline. It was just a taste of the beauty we will see, as we could later say – I ❤ NY.


Horseshoe Bend

In just about two hours, we drove from Desert View in Grand Canyon to Page, Arizona off Highway 89 to see the Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River that I have heard/read about after my solo trip to the Grand Canyon two years prior. One of the tourists’ comments was it could easily be the most beautiful of sights. And I say indeed and it was even more beautiful than the Grand Canyon itself!

The Horseshoe Bend was so named because of the horse-shoe shape bend of the river. Perhaps the Bend was already or originally shaped like this, or perhaps the original course of the Colorado River along this part was once straight and after so many years of outer bank erosion and meandering, the bend was formed. So just imagine the gradual force of nature over a very long period of time to make a curved shape around the rocky canyons.

The sign along the highway was quite small that I almost missed it I had to make a U-turn. But once on the unpaved spacious parking lot, we saw the sign saying it was 0.75 mile hike to the scenic view, one way. This time there were no entrance fees, nor railings along the cliff, nor bathrooms, however, there was a shed at about the middle of the hike for people to rest during hot days. My mom and I were on the go. The hike was quite long in the drizzly afternoon, but it was easy with the terrain being sandy and not muddy at all. We had to slow down to relax and enjoy the desert-like and panoramic views around the hills with occasional flowers and took pictures. When we finally got there, we saw a lot of people despite the weather, speaking so many different languages, some staying on the edge of the cliff, some dared to venture farther out and stand to even steeper precipice.

Nothing could have prepared my eyes and my heart upon standing there at the overlook cliff of the simple yet so magnificent beauty a thousand feet below! The emerald green waters, the white beach, the rock formation in the middle of it all, and the canyons around it, were simply breathtaking, wonderful, and so awesome and make the most beautiful place my eyes have seen! The greatness of the landscape lured me to stay there for several hours as my eyes couldn’t get enough of the beauty of this natural creation. God is just awesome! The edited photos were taken on an iPhone 6s camera.


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Big Bend Mountain “Toe Art”

Big Bend

I call this mountain “toe art” because it looks like it, only this is nature’s own formation of its beauty. This is one of my favorite scenery in the Big Bend National Park in Texas! God is just so amazing! I just can smile looking at it, thinking what did the creator think when He was forming this particular hill and rock together! It is so intricate, detailed and simply exhilarating!

Musician’s friend Online Instruments

I love playing my guitar and singing for relaxation. My guitar is left handed and I like it. I bought it for a good deal. It is few years old now. So a new guitar is on my list. The thing with left hand guitar, it seems that it’s only me who can play it, my right-handed family has difficulty, so it came to my mind to buy a right handed one and I will just flip the instrument when I want to play, just like some left handers do. Sometimes things just fall into the right places! Today I found out about Online Instruments at Musician’sFriend.com just when I started thinking about buying a new acoustic guitar! I found the one I want! Now I will be saving for it!

El Paso Scenic Drive


The view from the Rim Road over southern tip of Franklin Mountain in El Paso. From my vantage point is the panoramic view of three cities/states in two countries: New Mexico, El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. I really enjoyed the view! The drive was so worth of the travel experience, when you stand on the overlook rim, feel the winds and see the beauty of the view and the sunset, awesome feeling!

Foldable Music Stands

My folks love music. They travel to sing, as a choir group. They also get to sing when there is a community event. And they sing every week, in the choir. Actually they go traditional style, holding the song books in front of them, without any music stand. We just realize now. The church needs new music stands. It will not only be useful during music presentations anywhere the are hired to sing, but since they are portable and foldable it can be used by speakers and lecturers in any setting.

Kitchen Improvement Hardware

I am a very grateful and a proud new homeowner! Owning a house doesn’t only give you a place to call “your own home”, it is also a good investment! I think I am just blessed and ‘lucky’ to have bought the house at the right time, when all the businesses and business parks are still about to be built around the area. And while I am a happy homeowner, there are still some upgrades that I want to make. I like the kitchen, and some organizers and appliances aside from the basic ones I have will really make it much better. Working downtown and having to drive through traffic take a lot of my free time that is why I shop online for things like these, to save time and effort. I am actually very glad to have found the ovisonline.com website where I discover that all hardware I need for my kitchen cabinets are just a click away. They have all kinds of organizers you can think of! And the best thing is that they sell for a very good price.

Aboard the USS Texas!

USS TexasThe Battleship is 100+ years old! Isn’t she beautiful and so precious? A piece of major world history. The Battleship Texas, USS TEXAS BB-35,
had taken part of both the World War 1 and World War 2 naval battles, and is still surviving until, though it needed some repairs. Docked along the busy Houston Ship Channel about an hour drive from Houston. So we went to see this amazing and monument. It was  very impressive! You get to imagine how it was during the war, what the technology were, and how the sailors live aboard the ship. From toward the shores of Normandy to the Philippines, this battle ship had served the US Navy well. I am so glad we came to her.

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