Strawberry Picking in Georgia

strawberry picking

Strawberry Picking was our idea of how to spend one Sunday afternoon after church! This was at Elliot Farms in Lizella, Georgia, off of the Cherry Blossoms capital, the city of Macon on Highway 80. Aside from the fruit that people picked, they also sold fresh veggies.


strawberry flower

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Signs of Spring

Hints of wildflowers on the Texas roadsides could already be seen during our trip last week even though we still have about one month to go before spring ‘officially’ begins! It really excited me! I am ready for the new and warmer season! This winter killed most of our plants (even the plants that did not die last year), except the kale.

Meanwhile on my backyard:

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The Oldest Building in Amsterdam

The Oude Kerk

Old Church in Amsterdam

A photo I took of The Oude Kerk (“old church”), ‪Amsterdam‬’s oldest parish church and oldest building; it had seen several renovations but the building itself is 800-year-old! It is located alongside a canal in the middle of Amsterdam’s Red Light district.

Our World Tuesday
Tuesday Travels

Road Trip featuring Comanche, Texas

Last week we traveled. We drove for about 6 hours from Houston heading to north-northwest Texas, passing through some smallish towns and country sides.

This road trip’s feature is the city of Comanche, in central Texas. Country living would be at its best here. The city motto says.

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Murchison Park El Paso Scenic Drive

I stopped in El Paso during my trip to stay in a hotel for the night, and since I had few hours before dark, I was looking for things to do in the city. Museums and zoos and a lot of entertaining places were suggested. However, I opted for the Scenic Drive.

The beautiful El Paso mountains.

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Roses from my Love

I celebrated my birthday this month. Link was working. On Valentine’s Day, I was traveling out of town working. When I got back in Houston, he surprised me with these beautiful bouquet of roses! I so love it!!

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New Orleans as Best Seen From the River!

Steamboat Natchez Riverboat Cruise.

There sure were a lot of things to do in New Orléans, and this day we went on a river cruise along the Mississippi River during our vacation aboard the steamboat Natchez, departing from the center of the historic French Quarter.

Steamboat Natchez New Orleans

SS. Natchez, is a sternwheel steamboat that was mostly made of steel, in case you wonder. The cruise takes 2-hours. There was a live jazz band during the tour. Buffet food, snacks and beverages were available.

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You Are Beautiful

These were some of the photos I took in New Orleans, Louisiana during our steamboat cruise on the Mississippi River one beautiful day.

You are beautiful! A simple yet powerful reminder when we feel otherwise, or when other people would try to label you negative words. Brush those words away!!

Remember, You Are Beautiful!!! Because in essence, we were fearfully and wonderfully made.

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Lake Wister State Park in Oklahoma

Because it was our day off. So my cousins and I went for a drive. Destination – Lake Wister in Oklahoma.

Lake Wister, Oklahoma

Lake Wister is located in the San Bois Mountains on the Poteau River within Ouachita National Forest. The Lake is man-made, constructed as flood control and mitigation/conservation project by the US Corps of Engineers.

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Bolivar Point Lighthouse

Bolivar Peninsula is accessible by ferry from Galveston Island. From the ferry decks, a lighthouse would be visible. It was catching to the eye even from a distance because of its dark colors against the sea in front of it from our vantage point.

Bolivar Point Lighthouse

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