Countryside Driveways

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Of all the country driveways I have seen, these were the few who stood out.

The wagon wheels were from a farm equipment in early 1900’s. I like this one. Nostalgically beautiful. I saw many driveways with wheels on each side, but this one is different. It has preciously hushing effect for me. I can imagine the person who put those wheels in place, thinking of welcoming somebody home.

Maybe many people would not notice them, but the objects we see on people’s driveways have been put in place with special efforts like this one.

A long way home….

We were going down to Dequincy, LA to visit some family, and we had to go through this driveway to get to their house. I really liked this one. It reminds me of the place where I grew up in my grandfather’s land. Living in the countryside is so peaceful and memorable, that if I could go back, I would and back in that time of my childhood. Right now, it is still a long way home, but I shall be there one day.

The bushes make a great fencing/barrier for privacy, shade, beauty, home for birds, not to mention hideout for cats, and the blooms give fragrant welcome with the singing of the bees.


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