How to get oil off of a concrete driveway?

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One morning I noticed that there was a stain on my driveway that needed my attention. How to remove them?

Oil stains on concrete surfaces such as driveways can be removed using clay-type cat-box litter to absorb fresh oil stains. Sprinkle it on and then sort of crush it with your foot. Or, rub in with a broom and let it set a while.

For those who don’t have kitty litter handy, you can also try baking soda or even cornstarch — which are both very absorbent and will soak up a lot of oily stains. If needed, you can then pour some liquid laundry detergent on the area, scrub well with a good stiff brush and rinse off.

Of course, there are commercial driveway cleaners at auto and home improvement stores, but I say let’s try a home-style remedy first, which can be safer and cheaper. Then move on to the commercial products if necessary.


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  1. Hey wow, great idea. I didn’t consider using kitty litter to soak up oil from my driveway. I guess they don’t make that stuff super-absorbant for nothing, huh? =)

  2. traditionalgal on

    perros, we see it’s not just for kitty stuff, :-D; it works well when the oil is still wet, otherwise, the rest will do. happy scrubbing, 🙂

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