Benefits of Vinegar

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feeling fullIn the Philippines, people like to dip pork rind chicharrones in vinegar, somehow, it tastes better that way. So I was having this snack. However, the leftover was set in the open dish overnight, unintentionally. And then came morning: it all evaporated! Well, residue was all what was left, but then I smelled something good in the air! It was pretty remarkable that I noticed it with my sense of smell. Then I remembered, the acid in vinegar neutralizes alkalinic odors and bacteria in the air. Vinegar naturally kills molds and bacteria, and neutralizes unwelcome smells.

However, vinegar does more than add flavor and clean bacteria in the air. It also increases feelings of fullness. The acetic acid, the main compound in all types of vinegar, slows the rate at which the stomach empties. Feel full for a long time when you dip food in vinegar?


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  1. King Vinegar! My sister found out you can use vinegar to remove calcium build up and we clean the inside of our electric kettle with it. We also use it to disinfect our bentos, thermoses, and just about anything else that can’t be scrubbed. I never thought of it for air freshening, though, points to you!

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