WW: Smiling pregnant women in labor

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This is a picture of two of our patients in early labor. As you can see they had great smiles. It meant they were still in the early stage of labor. It was so great that we saw them in labor together. Each had different reaction through the active stage of labor. Thanks God they both had Normal Spontaneous delivery. They both have wonderful and adorable babies. It was so great that they walked together and talked through all what they went through until they were discharged. There was so much joy to be able to help them. – E.


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  1. You don’t normally see a lot of women smiling when they’re in labor… but look at them!! Good to know everything went fine for both of them!

  2. Smiling while in labor? They’re brave women! I can’t imagine myself smiling in whatever pains, though I’ve never given birth yet. But I’ve seen a lot women crying and shouting while in labor. 😀

    Happy WW! And thanks for dropping by.

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