El Tiempo Cantina

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It was good to be out even in the cold, tonight. These last couple of days we started to have temperatures in the thirties and forties. For me, it’ was freezing :-}. But tonight had been great. We went to a new restaurant that I haven’t been to. Mexican. He knows I don’t like spicy hot food. We got some fajitas with beef and all the side ‘ingredients’. It was good, the small size filled us up. The hot tea was perfect, and so was the service good. It was a good experience. In life we meet different people with different principles and worldviews, and even in the 180 degree divide, we can learn a lot from the person. It was already dark at about six twenty-two in the evening and much colder already, so I am glad and thankful I was home.


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Born and raised in the Pearl of the Orient Seas, now living in the United States; she is a traveler, road tripper, outdoor camper, and field photographer.

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