Pappa’s Barbecue in Downtown Houston

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An old friend took me out to lunch today during our break time from work. He just moved working downtown Houston a couple of months ago.

Downtown Houston Tunnel Loop System is more than 6 miles long and connects 95 city blocks; it is a city of its own during lunch time, when thousands  of working men and women go down 20 feet below street level to eat at  many restaurants, to go from one building to other towers, to shop and even meet people.

And of all places and with the lunch crowd, we ran into each other, in the tunnel loop! I almost didn’t recognize him at first, to be honest. For few seconds I was “oh, the ex..” 🙂 But the past was forgotten and we caught up over one lunch after that.

When a restaurant is good, it is usually crowded because people want to eat there; and today was a good one, in a barbecue restaurant on the street level. It was pretty crowded but neat. And the food was excellent. He is a banker and I got to ‘extract’ 🙂 information from him about lending and insurance and some other related stuff. I believe that everyone we meet and everything we experience and come to know today or in the past will be beneficial in some future time.

And so I had a good walk after meal back to the office building. Wonderful life it is 🙂


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