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I am excited for my transatlantic trip next month to visit my family and get my parents to come here in the United States! I still have to buy some presents though. The ones I already have are for our youngest brother, who I found out is assembling a sound system. I was very impressed, actually kind of surprised not but really, as I know he is very smart. My sister and I got him virtualizer and mixer for his sound box. He plays guitar very good, and I am sure that he set up his sound system for guitars and other musical instruments. Today I found out about an amplifier called Vox Custom AC15C1 15W 1×12 black tube com that is perfect for home studios and even outdoor event recordings for all level of skills. What impressed me the most is the clean and amazing sound it would produce, its portability and user-friendliness. And that is what he wanted.


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Born and raised in the Pearl of the Orient Seas, now living in the United States; she is a traveler, road tripper, outdoor camper, and field photographer.

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