Promotional gift sets.

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pensMy sister is a businesswoman, and she is a proprietor of a travel agency. I am very proud of her, and she is doing well. She has lots of customers, old and new. A few times she gives gifts to her repeat customers. It was rewarding to see them happy and grateful even for the simple giveaways, especially ones they would use during their trips. Recently I found out about a great gift set and promotional item that all businesses can use and benefit from, at a really low bulk price- pens, full color at, complete with free business or company logo! Isn’t that awesome! Two years ago my company’s Christmas gift to us was a promotional cozy throw blanket, and then a nice chocolate box with a lovely logo, of course insulated mugs and cups should be on the list of promotional items. But the good thing about the pens, is that you can bring it anywhere with you, so your business image and name will always be advertised.


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Born and raised in the Pearl of the Orient Seas, now living in the United States; she is a traveler, road tripper, outdoor camper, and field photographer.

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