Tips on building your own guitar.

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lefty guitarWhen I was growing up, there used to be a solidbody guitar around made of a very durable wood. Oh the relaxation we experience when we listen to soothing music, whether songs or playing our own musical instruments! I love music! And I lead a very busy life. But I still find time to sit and strum my guitar and sing. It was one of the few left-handed guitars available when I was shopping for one online. It would be really great to build your own bass guitar or any type of guitar, acoustic or electric, to your preference, right, but for us who have a busy schedule, it would be more practical to leave it to the expert guitar builders to make them, who dedicate their time and skills in building the instruments. It will help the industry also and we are helping their businesses thrive. See the tips from the hub link above. So as a little girl I used to play with that solid wood guitar that was 90% finished in the afternoons when nobody was around:-). And I admit, the bass string was my favorite.


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