iPhone 5 battery replacement

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iPhone 5 iPhone users, how are your phone batteries doing? If you’re like us here, it is not doing good after few months and such number of charging cycles. In fact, my mom’s iPhone 5 does not charge at all, anymore. We have tried buying new and pricey chargers but the issue was still the same – it will not charge and will just pop that charge display for few seconds and then die.

Before I would have to buy a new phone though, I wanted to try one more thing –  replace the battery of the iPhone. I bought a replacement kit. So I sit down one afternoon and cracked open the ever so tight phone assembly. It took me a while to get past the housing and casing, but when I did, it was such a relief.

So the picture above is what the iPhone 5 looks like in the inside. The screws that hold the metal parts are so fine. My sister bought this phone, and gave it to my mom, and this phone was never opened while in our possession before I pried it open, but I noticed 2 things at once: one metal plate protecting the ribbons of the display was missing, as well as the two screws. Who knows how that happened.

But anyway, after I was finally able to undo the very very small screws, I replaced the battery and put everything back in reverse order. And viola! The phone was working again!!

I was so thankful, and relieved that I didn’t have to open it again, or that no parts especially the logic board were ruined or affected. Overall, it was easy after having been able to open the casing and undoing the screws. Maybe after charging the battery in so many times the heat kind of melt, expand and un-glue the battery plastic cover because it was so crease up and out.


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