Benefits of Walking 15 Minutes After Eating

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Several research have found and proven that taking a walk after meals, especially after dinner, is very good for our health.

The process of the gastric juices and enzymes digesting our food is accelerated when we walk, at the same time, it also boosts metabolism.

Walking enhances proper supply of oxygen and nutrients to the heart, which causes better blood circulation, which in turns lowers the blood levels of triglycerides and cholesterol even just walking 100 steps for about 15 minutes after meal. This physical activity uses the excess glucose present in our blood which results into maintaining our sugar levels, especially for those who have type 2 diabetes who experience sudden rise in their blood sugar levels after meals.

As we walk we burn calories, therefore, we are losing weight, at the same time, it reduces stress levels. It is relaxing to the heart and mind. Which makes us sleep better.

So, knowing all these, we went out for a walk after our hearty dinner. It was in the 50’s tonight and the moon was out and bright. We took a stroll around the neighborhood to observe the different Christmas lights and decorations our neighbors display. He’s not from the neighborhood, but it was my boyfriend who showed me my neighbor’s house of two blocks who has the best display around. It was a pleasure to watch their house ‘bloom’ in lights and Christmas stuff all around their yard full force compete with Santa’s team. It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year!!


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