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left hand guitarHow does a lefty learn to play on a righty guitar? I saw some people who could play right hand and left hand guitar interchangeably easily. When I started learning to play basic guitar, the only instrument that was available was a right hand one. So, I would just turn the custom right hand guitar my dad made upside down such that my left hand would get to strum or pick. For an upgrade though, I finally bought my own left hand guitar. I really like it and I love how it sounds when properly tuned, and the color, was a bonus. Buying it, I know it would serve as my first learning guitar. In the future, I would buy me a better quality guitar, maybe a Yamaha. Back home, I know of some musicians who have Yamaha guitar. They are topnotch! This one is at least eight years old and it still holds up, maybe because I take good care of it, or maybe because it has not been used full-time. But when I am not bogged down by everyday busyness and work, it is great to sit down and unwind, play the guitar and sing. For they say, singing is a stress-reliever.

Singing exercises our hearts and lungs, and it also releases endorphins which makes us feel good! Top that with playing the musical instruments yourself!


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