Best Restaurants in Bastrop, Texas

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The very kind and soft-spoken workmate (he does 200 push ups every day!) was now the driver on our return trip.  He’d been driving for about four hours already without saying anything, and I know that he must be hungry. We missed one town, so our ‘last’ opportunity would be the city of Bastrop, Texas.

Bastrop has 76 restaurants. Texas Roadhouse was rated #1. Unfortunately, we would have to make a left turn in a town that we were not very familiar with. Not that it was difficult, but we were saving time. The #2 restaurant in Bastrop is Paw Paw’s Catfish House and we decided to check it out. I led the driver on to the ‘back road’ for a short cut to avoid going through the center of town. It was perfect route for an angled parking spots. It is true, sometimes difficult and rough roads lead to awesome destinations 🙂

Paw Paw’s Catfish House Restaurant

It was buzzing busy with a lot of diners. That told us that people liked to eat there for they were really good!

best Restaurant in Bastrop

The high ceilings, the wall decor that showed stories of fishing and boating, even the fishing toy they  placed on the tables, made a homey and country feel. Bastrop has a lake that was divided into 2 Lake Parks, so they had a lot of stories to tell, and plenty of fresh catfish! 🙂

Pawpaw's Restaurant in Bastrop

The  big and sumptuous Paw Paw’s Platter was the best!!! It was perfect! People should definitely check it out! That’s all I have to say. We were so glad we went there to eat. The servers were friendly (taking customer orders on their phones). So it was no wonder why it was rated as number 2 best restaurant in Bastop. Everybody in the 3-person team was happy!

Pawpaw's Restaurant in Bastrop


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