Hotels in Sulphur Springs, Texas

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Our first accommodation for this trip was in Sulphur Springs, Texas. We booked our hotels through the corporate travel site, egencia. It was very convenient since after management approval, our hotels would be booked automatically. 

The one hotel chain we booked our stay at is Holiday Inn Express and Suites. We got there late in the evening because we had to go to one site and finish the work before resting. The hotel was pretty impressive. The agents were helpful and very accommodating when one workmate end up having more than one reservation, this after the King Size bed we tried to book was not available. So I  got the double queen one. The amenities and services are awesome! It offers free continental breakfast, but the team decided to check out restaurants in the area.

There are about 10 hotels and Inns in Sulphur Springs, and our stay at Holiday Inn was was a great one!

Holiday Inn, TexasHoliday Inn, TexasHoliday Inn, TexasHoliday Inn, Texas


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