Lake Wister State Park in Oklahoma

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Because it was our day off. So my cousins and I went for a drive. Destination – Lake Wister in Oklahoma.

Lake Wister, Oklahoma

Lake Wister is located in the San Bois Mountains on the Poteau River within Ouachita National Forest. The Lake is man-made, constructed as flood control and mitigation/conservation project by the US Corps of Engineers.

Lake Wister, Oklahoma

The Wister Dam was built in 1948 for flow regulation.

Lake Wister

The scenery was just so beautiful and relaxing – the colorful tress, the soft breeze and the peaceful water – that we didn’t mind the heatwave enveloping us in the south this time. My cousin, she was a great travel companion. We always laugh out loud about the things we do and we say. For Life is about living and enjoying the time we have 🙂



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