One of the Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston

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I left the office 30 minutes early to drive to the restaurant we agreed to meet at in Houston. That was before 5pm so traffic was a little better. Link was already there two hours before meeting time. Ha.

Mexican Restaurant in Houston

Tacqueria Tepatillan is a Mexican restaurant and cantina along the Beltway. Since it was now February and Valentine’s Day is coming, the atmosphere on this restaurant was full of ‘love’ and it was delightful to see it all over the place.

Mexican Restaurant in Houston

The waitress served us the standard tortilla chips and dips, which I felt was nicely made that I didn’t have to worry about too much oil and its effects on my face.

Mexican Restaurant in Houston

Our orders took a while before it was served, but then I ordered the sumptuous seafood platter.

Mexican Restaurant in Houston

The waitress kept checking on us and for some reason she thought I was Hispanic.

Mexican Restaurant in Houston

The food was really great, the fried seafood were crispy just right, and the platter was a big one.

I like this restaurant and I recommend it, if not for the really good food, for the waitress who kept smiling so sweetly, motherly sweetly, she melt my heart. I gave her a tip more than what I normally would for the food and services. We left the restaurant full bringing the ‘love’ 😍

Mexican Restaurant in Houston


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