Road Trip to Sulphur Springs, Texas

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Sulphur Springs, Texas.

It is a nice and welcoming town that is just an hour away to the border with Oklahoma to the North. It was a wonderful day for a road trip for work last week from Houston to Sulphur Springs, which is at least a four-hour drive! My one workmate was an overly gentleman and sat at the back of the company rented van, and our designated driver is a biker who traveled a lot on his motorcycle. That left me on the front passenger seat 🙂

Sulphur Springs, Texas
We had the site location in GIS loaded onto Google Earth, but the missed turns only made the trip more interesting. Our site is a Type 0 so it was on the outskirts of town or where there are not so many houses around. We drove straight to the site and took care of business and got the work done in few hours, before heading to our hotel where we stayed for just one night.

Sulphur Springs is home to America’s Only Public Bathroom with See-thru Glass Walls. It is one way – you can see out, but people cannot see in 🙂

Pickton, Texas.

The next stop was the town of Pickton where we surveyed one site. There is not much to do in Pickton, but they have one local hangout restaurant called Foster’s Place Restaurant and Pub that is famous for their selection of beer. It caught our attention because of their red building. We just passed it though for we were going to cross Texas from East to West and that means several hours of enjoyable driving and road trip!

Forster's Place, Pickton


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