Mother Teresa and I

Mother TeresaLink’s dad met Mother Teresa in person during his travels in India. He met her through knowing some people who knew some people of authority who knew how to make it happen.

This was a statue of Mother Teresa located in the expansive cemetery in New Orleans called the St. Louis Cemetery No. 3. We took this picture during our tour of the city. 

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Getting a Massage While Traveling in Asia

Outside of our Indian hotel premises, there was a parlor, and I went there for a facial, haircut, pedicure and manicure package, as it was cheaper that way for the same amount or result of work, than getting it in the hotel salon, plus I needed to go out 🙂 The spa treatment took longer than anticipated. The facial deep cleaning was good, but I got more facial massage than I did conditioning itself!

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The Gateway of India Tour

He offered his driver to show me around Mumbai for this particular day. He was a very kind Indian colleague. And I gladly accepted 🙂 Our target was the Gateway of India area. I was thrilled to finally see the famous landmark myself and check it off my bucket list after all the reading about it and seeing it in photos!

Gateway of India

The Gateway of India

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Beloved puppy

We were riding a jeepney and sat in front of a mother and son bringing a pet puppy in a plastic bag. Look at its legs  😀


The Naked Prey

I was watching one of those satellite movies in HD and it featured the 1960’s 3-star movie called The Naked Prey. It tells about a white safari guide that run for his life when ten tribal warriors were coming after him as part of their tribe’s punishment to their captives. Yes, it was entirely taken in Africa where the wildlife roam around and run for their life from predator animals for survival. I am not sure if it still exist today, however at that same time, some tribal groups had also been captured as slaves. The people’s culture then and way of life really resembled the wildlife that they survived with. I was just glad that he guy in the movie was alive in the end.

Benefits of Vinegar

feeling fullIn the Philippines, people like to dip pork rind chicharrones in vinegar, somehow, it tastes better that way. So I was having this snack. However, the leftover was set in the open dish overnight, unintentionally. And then came morning: it all evaporated! Well, residue was all what was left, but then I smelled something good in the air! It was pretty remarkable that I noticed it with my sense of smell. Then I remembered, the acid in vinegar neutralizes alkalinic odors and bacteria in the air. Vinegar naturally kills molds and bacteria, and neutralizes unwelcome smells.

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