The Martian Movie.

I met with a friend who was an expert in Geographic Information System and Intelligence. We would be watching a movie. The Martian. It was great, funny, and thought-provoking. I would recommend it to everyone. I am proud of the USA and the great people who make her exceptional. “Houston, we got him!”

Happy Independence Day!

4rt of July Fireworks

4rt of July fireworks show somewhere in Texas. Happy Independence Day America! God bless the USA!

I am one proud American!

Guitar Combo Amp

I am excited for my transatlantic trip next month to visit my family and get my parents to come here in the United States! I still have to buy some presents though. The ones I already have are for our youngest brother, who I found out is assembling a sound system. I was very impressed, actually kind of surprised not but really, as I know he is very smart. My sister and I got him virtualizer and mixer for his sound box. He plays guitar very good, and I am sure that he set up his sound system for guitars and other musical instruments. Today I found out about an amplifier called Vox Custom AC15C1 15W 1×12 black tube com that is perfect for home studios and even outdoor event recordings for all level of skills. What impressed me the most is the clean and amazing sound it would produce, its portability and user-friendliness. And that is what he wanted.

Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

The fight was a disappointment. Or maybe because I was expecting a lot of action and hard fighting, but instead, there were not much. Boxing used to be where you face the opponent throw the punches, and not run around the ring non-stop, hugging and head locks. Oh well, Mayweather’s strategy worked, but there is no dignity in it, for me. It seemed to me the fight was half-hearted. I am still very proud of Manny Pacquiao! #Teampacman.




The Great Play!

We went to a theatre in downtown Houston to watch the C.S. Lewis’ novel adaptation by the Performing Arts from Broadway. It was sold out, and we sat on the front row seat. It turned out to be an interesting play, the actors were really good, the play was flawless. After the play we drove to get something to eat at a very nice restaurant with entertaining and funny chef! It was an unforgettable experience. Life is indeed a great play. On one stage, it is all about having a wonderful time while being good to others.

Lavish in praise!

I picked up my mail upon going home from work. I was happy my online order came in quickly. I thought of giving a lavish 5-star review, for if we give praise, why not make it “lavish”. Deja vu word of the day. When I opened the package this was what I first saw –