New WordPress Posts Not Showing on Homepage – The Solution

If there is a Blue Screen of Death, there is also a White Screen of Death. For websites. No display. Only white page. But in my case, one of the websites has had the issue of new blog posts not showing up on the home page. Strangely, when author is logged on, it showed, but disappeared when logged out. The single post page was there, and in the admin area, published, and could be edited, it was just not visible on the main page.

I saw then when I tried to find solution that other people have been having the same issues also. There were some workarounds suggested by different people and I will show you those and which one worked in my case.  Continue reading “New WordPress Posts Not Showing on Homepage – The Solution”

How to Reset your Energy Level During Traveling

While traveling is exciting, for me, traveling can also be very stressful after all the touring, hiking, walking, and sometimes, running to catch that train or plane. So we have to give ourselves a breather. We need to take time to relax. Even a 15-minute nap or meditation or slow deep breathing session by ourselves can reinvigorate us.

Try this daoin massage to hit the reset button on your energy:
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Benefits of Walking 15 Minutes After Eating

Several research have found and proven that taking a walk after meals, especially after dinner, is very good for our health.

The process of the gastric juices and enzymes digesting our food is accelerated when we walk, at the same time, it also boosts metabolism.

Walking enhances proper supply of oxygen and nutrients to the heart, which causes better blood circulation, which in turns lowers the blood levels of triglycerides and cholesterol even just walking 100 steps for about 15 minutes after meal. This physical activity uses the excess glucose present in our blood which results into maintaining our sugar levels, especially for those who have type 2 diabetes who experience sudden rise in their blood sugar levels after meals.

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How to get oil off of a concrete driveway?

One morning I noticed that there was a stain on my driveway that needed my attention. How to remove them?

Oil stains on concrete surfaces such as driveways can be removed using clay-type cat-box litter to absorb fresh oil stains. Sprinkle it on and then sort of crush it with your foot. Or, rub in with a broom and let it set a while.

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