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Outdoorsy Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend : A Must-See in Page, Arizona


Located just two-hour drive from Desert View in Grand Canyon, in Page, Arizona off Highway 89, was the Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River that I have heard/read about after my solo trip to the Grand Canyon two years prior. One of the tourists’ comments was it could easily be…


Aboard the Battleship USS Texas!


The Battleship is 100+ years old! Isn’t she beautiful and so precious? A piece of major world history. The Battleship Texas, USS TEXAS BB-35, had taken part of both the World War 1 and World War 2 naval battles, and is still surviving until now, though it needed some repairs. It…


Historic Mission Control Center


So this was where the action took place! The Historic Mission Control Center! For me it is “hallowed”! It is just so amazing, looking at the consoles, telemetries and monitors the NASA team used to monitor and guide space missions, in the 1960’s, when the technology is not as advanced as…


Back from Transatlantic Flight


From Davao International Airport, to Singapore, to Moscow, and finally to the USA! I am very thankful for the safe and pleasant overall flight despite some turbulence we experienced that might be the reason why the flight path had reroutes instead of going straight. Thank God, it was great to…


Trip to Moscow.


I will be taking a trip soon on a transatlantic flight, just because I want to set foot on different countries that I haven’t been to, or just for the sake of traveling. It will be a longer trip than a transpacific flight, but I love traveling, and the I had…


Elephant Carrying Heavy Load


A street shot during my travels in India. This was in Agra, where animals and other beasts of burden roll down the streets along with the olden vehicles.


Coming Down In Its Own Time


This was a scene during my trip to a park in Mumbai, India. A goat that managed to climbed up the tree. I believe given its own time, it could climb back down without harming itself. There are many things in life that, depending on our mood and perspective, are amusing,…

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