Horseback Riding in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

In the center of the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas is the wonderful and scenic city of Eureka Springs. There we went for a vacation in December when beautiful but dangerous snow was still on the hilly grounds. Eureka Springs is famous for things to do outdoors. That day we went on a guided horseback riding.

Dinner Bell Ranch and Resort.

dinner bell ranch

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Riding Animals in India

These were some of those opportunities and decisions we made to get out of our own comfort zones and experience new stuff and have fun while we can. We traveled to India for business and pleasure, and during the trip I got to ride these two animals. We were driving through a certain dirt road and saw a camel and its handler on standby at the side of the road waiting for anyone to ride it for a little fee. We were there already so we grabbed the opportunity of riding a camel! It was quite an experience as I had never rode on one before. The ride was so rough and bumpy though as you can imagine with those long legs (boy did it walk so fast!), and the saddle was wooden with the parts spaced far apart that you could feel the hard edges because there was no cushioning. It was very uncomfortable, nonetheless, I had several belly laughs, while holding onto the saddle itself for dear life! Continue reading “Riding Animals in India”

Beloved puppy

We were riding a jeepney and sat in front of a mother and son bringing a pet puppy in a plastic bag. Look at its legs  😀


Elephant Carrying Heavy Load

A street shot during my travels in India. This was in Agra, where animals and other beasts of burden roll down the streets along with the olden vehicles.

Coming Down In Its Own Time

This was a scene during my trip to a park in Mumbai, India. A goat that managed to climbed up the tree. I believe given its own time, it could climb back down without harming itself. There are many things in life that, depending on our mood and perspective, are amusing, funny and just humorous, and of course, some complicated things that when we let time and nature deal with it, without our interference, forcefulness and impatience, will right themselves, unaided.