One of the Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston

I left the office 30 minutes early to drive to the restaurant we agreed to meet at in Houston. That was before 5pm so traffic was a little better. Link was already there two hours before meeting time. Ha.

Mexican Restaurant in Houston

Tacqueria Tepatillan is a Mexican restaurant and cantina along the Beltway. Since it was now February and Valentine’s Day is coming, the atmosphere on this restaurant was full of ‘love’ and it was delightful to see it all over the place. Continue reading “One of the Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston”

Best Restaurants in Bastrop, Texas

The very kind and soft-spoken workmate (he does 200 push ups every day!) was now the driver on our return trip.  He’d been driving for about four hours already without saying anything, and I know that he must be hungry. We missed one town, so our ‘last’ opportunity would be the city of Bastrop, Texas.

Bastrop has 76 restaurants. Texas Roadhouse was rated #1. Unfortunately, we would have to make a left turn in a town that we were not very familiar with. Not that it was difficult, but we were saving time. The #2 restaurant in Bastrop is Paw Paw’s Catfish House and we decided to check it out. I led the driver on to the ‘back road’ for a short cut to avoid going through the center of town. It was perfect route for an angled parking spots. It is true, sometimes difficult and rough roads lead to awesome destinations 🙂

Paw Paw’s Catfish House Restaurant

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Restaurants in Abilene, Texas

We were glad that there were a lot of restaurants to choose from close to the hotel where we stayed at. In fact, Abilene has 257 restaurants. However, of our four days together, we ate at Cracker Barrel twice for breakfast, twice at Subway for lunch, and twice at Chili’s for dinner! We maintained the pattern 🙂 It was not bad at all since I was gaining four miles per dollar spent in one of the restaurants. On our third night though, we asked for the receptionist’s recommendation of the best places where we can eat at that was just close to the hotel. One of her suggestions was Betty Rose’s Little Brisket.

Betty Rose’s Little Briskets

This was the recommended restaurant of one of the locals, so we went out and tried it out. Locals are great in pointing you to the best places in their town. Online it was rated fair. It was a little quiet on a Wednesday evening. But we had to wait for our orders for quiet a while, so it was a good time to take our pictures 🙂

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Sherlock’s Baker St.

sodaWe had our company happy hour today at Sherlock’s Baker St. Pub in Westheimer. It was nice to relax after work and hang out with our workmates who are up to it. It is actually very close to my place, so it was so convenient, I just had to drive for about three minutes and see my workmates and friends. We have company-sponsored happy hours maybe once in four months or so, so at this time, we grabbed the chance and had fun!

Pappa’s Barbecue in Downtown Houston

An old friend took me out to lunch today during our break time from work. He just moved working downtown Houston a couple of months ago.

Downtown Houston Tunnel Loop System is more than 6 miles long and connects 95 city blocks; it is a city of its own during lunch time, when thousands  of working men and women go down 20 feet below street level to eat at  many restaurants, to go from one building to other towers, to shop and even meet people.

And of all places and with the lunch crowd, we ran into each other, in the tunnel loop! I almost Continue reading “Pappa’s Barbecue in Downtown Houston”

El Tiempo Cantina

It was good to be out even in the cold, tonight. These last couple of days we started to have temperatures in the thirties and forties. For me, it’ was freezing :-}. But tonight had been great. We went to a new restaurant that I haven’t been to. Mexican. He knows I don’t like spicy hot food. We got some fajitas with beef and all the side ‘ingredients’. It was good, the small size filled us up. The hot tea was perfect, and so was the service good. It was a good experience. In life we meet different people with different principles and worldviews, and even in the 180 degree divide, we can learn a lot from the person. It was already dark at about six twenty-two in the evening and much colder already, so I am glad and thankful I was home.