Raining in Houston

Rainy ThursdayWe worked in downtown Houston in a building with glass walls, and we could see that it was dark outside. The whole day has been dreary and rainy. My workmate happened to have 2 umbrellas! She lend me one warning me that it was not sturdy. I made it a point to check the forecast every morning so I would know if I should bring my “world’s strongest umbrella”, but it passed my mind this time.

It was still overcast, but thankfully it was not raining anymore when we got out of the office.

However, today I learned that some places in Houston were flooded out and even experienced hail storms. Everyone be careful out there, especially when the weather is kind of nasty, it is when accidents tend to happen.

Pappa’s Barbecue in Downtown Houston

An old friend took me out to lunch today during our break time from work. He just moved working downtown Houston a couple of months ago.

Downtown Houston Tunnel Loop System is more than 6 miles long and connects 95 city blocks; it is a city of its own during lunch time, when thousands  of working men and women go down 20 feet below street level to eat at  many restaurants, to go from one building to other towers, to shop and even meet people.

And of all places and with the lunch crowd, we ran into each other, in the tunnel loop! I almost Continue reading “Pappa’s Barbecue in Downtown Houston”

The Great Play!

We went to a theatre in downtown Houston to watch the C.S. Lewis’ novel adaptation by the Performing Arts from Broadway. It was sold out, and we sat on the front row seat. It turned out to be an interesting play, the actors were really good, the play was flawless. After the play we drove to get something to eat at a very nice restaurant with entertaining and funny chef! It was an unforgettable experience. Life is indeed a great play. On one stage, it is all about having a wonderful time while being good to others.

Downtown Houston