Lake Tobesofkee in Macon, Georgia

Lake Tobesofkee for Recreation

Lake Tobesofkee is one of the most heavily fished lakes in the state of Georgia. It is located in Tobesofkee Creek in Bibb County, Georgia.

Lake Tobesofkee in Georgia

Enjoy a very relaxing day on lake! We did, one Sunday afternoon! It was so refreshing even just to see the peaceful houses and condos from afar while feeling the breeze on our skin in a rather hot day.  Continue reading “Lake Tobesofkee in Macon, Georgia”

Things To Do in Seabourne Creek Park

Seabourne Creek Park in Rosenberg, Texas

It was a beautiful and warm day the other day so it was perfect to go out and enjoy some outdoor time at the closest nature park I can get to.

Seabourne Creek Park

Seabourne Creek ParkThe one hundred sixty-four (164) acre Nature Park is located in 3831 Highway 36 South, Rosenberg, Texas.

It is ideal for family day picnics, bird watching, butterfly watching, fishing, jogging, running or walking, and for enjoying nature and some fresh air.

The Gazebo

rosenberg creek park

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Lake Wister State Park in Oklahoma

Because it was our day off. So my cousins and I went for a drive. Destination – Lake Wister in Oklahoma.

Lake Wister, Oklahoma

Lake Wister is located in the San Bois Mountains on the Poteau River within Ouachita National Forest. The Lake is man-made, constructed as flood control and mitigation/conservation project by the US Corps of Engineers.

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Lake Ray Hubbard in Rockwall, TX

Feel and enjoy the breeze! Lake Ray Hubbard is a 22,000-acre fresh water reservoir, and is one of the biggest recreational lakes in Texas. Restaurants, shopping, movie theater, salons lined the shores graced by a giant fountain. On the Harbor on the Lake, people could go fishing and recreational boating. It is a great place to relax and watch the sunset or sunrise.

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Fishing on the Lake in Georgia

This was at a lake in central Georgia where we went to one Saturday afternoon fishing. It was so refreshing! We had fun, and so had the fishes, for none of them was caught 🙂 When we felt no movement and saw no prospect, we propped the poles on the bench which they so kindly put around the small lake. As usual, we ate, talked and laughed on our picnic mat while sharing memories together. As always, when you are one with nature, you feel a deep sense of peace. We went back home feeling like we caught a school 🙂

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