Mother Teresa and I

Mother TeresaLink’s dad met Mother Teresa in person during his travels in India. He met her through knowing some people who knew some people of authority who knew how to make it happen.

This was a statue of Mother Teresa located in the expansive cemetery in New Orleans called the St. Louis Cemetery No. 3. We took this picture during our tour of the city. 

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New Orleans as Best Seen From the River!

Steamboat Natchez Riverboat Cruise.

There sure were a lot of things to do in New Orléans, and this day we went on a river cruise along the Mississippi River during our vacation aboard the steamboat Natchez, departing from the center of the historic French Quarter.

Steamboat Natchez New Orleans

SS. Natchez, is a sternwheel steamboat that was mostly made of steel, in case you wonder. The cruise takes 2-hours. There was a live jazz band during the tour. Buffet food, snacks and beverages were available.

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You Are Beautiful

These were some of the photos I took in New Orleans, Louisiana during our steamboat cruise on the Mississippi River one beautiful day.

You are beautiful! A simple yet powerful reminder when we feel otherwise, or when other people would try to label you negative words. Brush those words away!!

Remember, You Are Beautiful!!! Because in essence, we were fearfully and wonderfully made.

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Century Old Dairy Barn in Louisiana

I took this photo of a dairy barn during one of our road trips. This was constructed in 1923. It’s purpose was to provide dairy products for Central State Hospital in Pineville, LA, where it was built upon its grounds. However, state officials had been planning to move the State Hospital to a new location, so the historic barn is in danger of deterioration or neglect, if not demolition. Currently, a committee, Save the Dairy Barn at Buhlow Lake, is being run to save and preserve this ancient structure.

This barn sitting on top of a hill that overlooks Fort Buhlow Lake is one of the 10 most endangered historic sites in Louisiana.

Countryside Driveways

Of all the country driveways I have seen, these were the few who stood out.

The wagon wheels were from a farm equipment in early 1900’s. I like this one. Nostalgically beautiful. I saw many driveways with wheels on each side, but this one is different. It has preciously hushing effect for me. I can imagine the person who put those wheels in place, thinking of welcoming somebody home.

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