The Martian Movie.

I met with a friend who was an expert in Geographic Information System and Intelligence. We would be watching a movie. The Martian. It was great, funny, and thought-provoking. I would recommend it to everyone. I am proud of the USA and the great people who make her exceptional. “Houston, we got him!”

The Naked Prey

I was watching one of those satellite movies in HD and it featured the 1960’s 3-star movie called The Naked Prey. It tells about a white safari guide that run for his life when ten tribal warriors were coming after him as part of their tribe’s punishment to their captives. Yes, it was entirely taken in Africa where the wildlife roam around and run for their life from predator animals for survival. I am not sure if it still exist today, however at that same time, some tribal groups had also been captured as slaves. The people’s culture then and way of life really resembled the wildlife that they survived with. I was just glad that he guy in the movie was alive in the end.