Yamaha Guitar

left hand guitarHow does a lefty learn to play on a righty guitar? I saw some people who could play right hand and left hand guitar interchangeably easily. When I started learning to play basic guitar, the only instrument that was available was a right hand one. So, I would just turn the custom right hand guitar my dad made upside down such that my left hand would get to strum or pick. For an upgrade though, I finally bought my own left hand guitar. I really like it and I love how it sounds when properly tuned, and the color, was a bonus. Buying it, I know it would serve as my first learning guitar. In the future, I would buy me a better quality guitar, maybe a Yamaha. Back home, I know of some musicians who have Yamaha guitar. They are topnotch! This one is at least eight years old and it still holds up, maybe because I take good care of it, or maybe because it has not been used full-time. But when I am not bogged down by everyday busyness and work, it is great to sit down and unwind, play the guitar and sing. For they say, singing is a stress-reliever.

Singing exercises our hearts and lungs, and it also releases endorphins which makes us feel good! Top that with playing the musical instruments yourself!

Flute music for relaxation

king fluteAndrea Bocelli said that it’s very important for him to try to relax when he’s travelling, and playing his flute helps him to unwind. I can relate 🙂 Growing up, my dad would play from time to time instrumental music for relaxation. I always liked listening to it, especially around ‘siesta’ time when there was no school. My first instrument was a King Flute, and it was made of bamboo in the Philippines. I bought the third one, a recorder, here in the US, online. I love both of them for the quality sound they produce. These are two of the three flutes I ever owned, one being ‘a.w.o.l’.

As these are at least 11 years old, I realized it is time for a new one, maybe a metal instrument this time. So I was looking up how much does a flute cost these days. I found a flute buying guide and I find it very helpful and informative. I learned to play flute by myself and somehow there are great new information that musician’s friend laid out. As for the flute cost, it starts at fairly decent amount such that it is affordable.

If music be the food of love, play on – William Shakespeare.

Musician’s friend Online Instruments

I love playing my guitar and singing for relaxation. My guitar is left handed and I like it. I bought it for a good deal. I used to play on a right handed one and I would just flip the instrument when I wanted to play, just like what some left handers would do. However, it is few years old now. So a new guitar is on my list. Today I found out about Online Instruments at Musician’sFriend.com just when I started thinking about buying a new acoustic guitar! Time to save for it!

Foldable Music Stands

My folks love music. They travel to sing, as a choir group. They also get to sing when there is a community event. And they sing every week, in the choir. Actually they go traditional style – holding the song books in front of them, without any music stand. We just realized now that the church needs new music stands. It could be useful not only during music presentations anywhere they would be hired to sing, but since theses stands are portable and foldable, they could be used by speakers and lecturers in any setting also.

Guitar Combo Amp

I am excited for my transatlantic trip next month to visit my family and get my parents to come here in the United States! I still have to buy some presents though. The ones I already have are for our youngest brother, who I found out is assembling a sound system. I was very impressed, actually kind of surprised not but really, as I know he is very smart. My sister and I got him virtualizer and mixer for his sound box. He plays guitar very good, and I am sure that he set up his sound system for guitars and other musical instruments. Today I found out about an amplifier called Vox Custom AC15C1 15W 1×12 black tube com that is perfect for home studios and even outdoor event recordings for all level of skills. What impressed me the most is the clean and amazing sound it would produce, its portability and user-friendliness. And that is what he wanted.