Houston Skywatch

Today was cooler than yesterday, and this is how the skies were looking in the morning and in the evening.

Houston skywatch
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You Are Beautiful

These were some of the photos I took in New Orleans, Louisiana during our steamboat cruise on the Mississippi River one beautiful day.

You are beautiful! A simple yet powerful reminder when we feel otherwise, or when other people would try to label you negative words. Brush those words away!!

Remember, You Are Beautiful!!! Because in essence, we were fearfully and wonderfully made.

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Road Trip to Abilene, Texas

The world’s largest Buffalo Skull, an outdoor structure which weight about 4,000 lbs., is located in the facility of Frontier Texas in the city of Abilene.

From Sulphur Springs, we drove to Abilene.  I-30 go through the center of Dallas, however, we got on Highway I-20, instead, upon approaching Dallas to avoid possible congestion. But before we detoured, we stopped by the Lake Ray Hubbard in Rockwall, TX to get out of the van and stretch out.

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South Padre Island view from the Lighthouse

Port Isabel Lighthouse

Today, only five historic lighthouses are left in the Texas coasts along the Gulf of Mexico. The others that have stood the test of time beaconing light from afar had been damaged or demolished. Of these five lights, only one is open to the public, for a very affordable fee – the Port Isabel Lighthouse. It was constructed in 1852 at 57 feet tall and had since undergone repairs, and recently, an overall renovation. It is located along Highway 100 which service South Padre Island.

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Night Time Flying in Texas

A photo of a stratocumulus cloud formation as seen from the sky at dusk, also showing the curvature of the earth. My pilot friend took me on a night flight between two airports south and southwest of Houston on his new airplane. He was planning to be a flight instructor. He said ‘flying is freedom’.

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Santa’s Wonderland in Texas

The Biggest Christmas attraction in the state of Texas that sparkles with over 3 million LED lights, is located in College Station. Santa’s Wonderland sits on 69 acres boasting Santa’s Town, Texas Christmas Village, and the spectacular over a mile long winding trail of lights. And this Christmas season, it called us for a road trip from Houston.

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Desert View Watchtower Photos

I can say it was still beautiful especially at the Desert View and Watchtower site even though much of the Grand Canyon view was covered by clouds and fog.

When I booked our flights, the weather forecast was not available yet for the week that my parents and I would be visiting the Grand Canyon. I was really hoping that my parents would get to see and enjoy the views. And they still did, for some part. We were grateful it was not pouring down the whole time. It was just generally kind of drizzly. We were not alone though, for there were a lot of people of different nationalities who were in the same situation with us – enjoying what we can see that the clouds did not cover.

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Silver Lining of the Cold Front

Skywatch Friday
: Silver Lining of the Cold Front.

This is the cloud formation that enveloped Houston area down to the 3o’s temperature recently. Today we are in the 30’s also, but yesterday it was in the 80’s. 🙂

Skywatch: sunrise

This was one of my favorite captured sunrise photos. The wonderful beauty as the sun rises always amazes me. Everyday is so different. It feels so great to be a witness as the sun rising. In this photo, I did not know that I have someone with me watching the sun until I saw the photo on my computer. A bird on the roof was waiting and having a great time witnessing the event of the new day. – E.

White and gray clouds

I really love the contrast of color of the clouds and sky on this picture. It was almost raining in our place when I took this one. Surprisingly, only a portion was sprinkled with rain but was just very quick. – E.