Rock Climbing Adventure in Texas

rock climbing in texas

Serving as a training ground for climbers in Texas preparing to hike mountains across the United States, one would think the Enchanted Rock would be challenging.

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Lake Wister State Park in Oklahoma

Because it was our day off. So my cousins and I went for a drive. Destination – Lake Wister in Oklahoma.

Lake Wister, Oklahoma

Lake Wister is located in the San Bois Mountains on the Poteau River within Ouachita National Forest. The Lake is man-made, constructed as flood control and mitigation/conservation project by the US Corps of Engineers.

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South Padre Island view from the Lighthouse

Port Isabel Lighthouse

Today, only five historic lighthouses are left in the Texas coasts along the Gulf of Mexico. The others that have stood the test of time beaconing light from afar had been damaged or demolished. Of these five lights, only one is open to the public, for a very affordable fee – the Port Isabel Lighthouse. It was constructed in 1852 at 57 feet tall and had since undergone repairs, and recently, an overall renovation. It is located along Highway 100 which service South Padre Island.

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