One Way to Reduce Stress During Traveling

I see that when traveling, it is a good idea to stash some chocolates in our luggage 🙂 Sugar reduces the body’s level of stress hormones known as cortisol, per this press release. I could imagine myself sitting on the airport lounge waiting for my flight and eating (just a little bit of) chocolate. And life would feel so beautiful! 🙂 So when under stress, eating sweets may help to relieve the pressure. Eating fruit rather than candy would produce this effect as well, and even emulates it, for it is naturally healthy.

Combat motion sickness with ginger.

Some travelers suffer from motion sickness. If you know you are prone to motion sickness, begin a ginger treatment a couple of days before your trip and continue to use ginger throughout your travels, if you want to take this traditional route. Otherwise, there are a lot of motion sickness meds that are available over the counter today.

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Benefits of Vinegar

feeling fullIn the Philippines, people like to dip pork rind chicharrones in vinegar, somehow, it tastes better that way. So I was having this snack. However, the leftover was set in the open dish overnight, unintentionally. And then came morning: it all evaporated! Well, residue was all what was left, but then I smelled something good in the air! It was pretty remarkable that I noticed it with my sense of smell. Then I remembered, the acid in vinegar neutralizes alkalinic odors and bacteria in the air. Vinegar naturally kills molds and bacteria, and neutralizes unwelcome smells.

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