Standin’ on a Corner in Winslow, AZ

It was just a few miles away from my route, so I detoured to visit the park memorializing the Eagles’ song “Take it Easy”, the Standin’ on a Corner Park in a nice historic town of Winslow, Arizona on old Route 66. It became a quiet town when Interstate Highway 40 by-passed it, but there were still some small businesses around, and to patronize them, I went inside the store right across from the statue, bought a drink and met the very nice owners. We were taking it easy! Every time I will hear that Eagles’ song, I can say that I’ve been on that corner and I was standin’ there 🙂 Continue reading “Standin’ on a Corner in Winslow, AZ”

A Night in Crystal Beach

The Greatest Free Ride in Texas.
Galveston-Bolivar Peninsula Ferry Ride.

Instead of staying in on Saturday, I wanted to go away from the hustle and bustle, somewhere where I can relax. The beach. So we planned on going to Crystal Beach in Bolivar Peninsula, TX, which is about a two-hour drive southeast from Houston. The weather app was showing a dreary weather so we decided to call if off; but then we changed our minds few hours later.

Bolivar Peninsula is a popular vacation place for people to hang out on the beach. It has lovely vacation rental houses. It is accessible via Hwy 124 on the east side, but we got on the ferry that runs from Galveston on the west side. When we arrived at the port, a lot of vehicles were on line waiting for loading.

“Galveston-Bolivar“Galveston-Bolivar Continue reading “A Night in Crystal Beach”

But my eyes have seen

I was so blessed today. My friend brought me to church in Louisiana and it was a very wonderful experience. I was thankful for my friend, and especially of course most of all to God who never left me nor forsaken me, nor will He you!