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A Night in Crystal Beach

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The Greatest Free Ride in Texas.
Galveston-Bolivar Peninsula Ferry Ride.

Instead of staying in on Saturday, I wanted to go away from the hustle and bustle, somewhere where I can relax. The beach. So we planned on going to Crystal Beach in Bolivar Peninsula, TX, which is about a two-hour drive southeast from Houston. The weather app was showing a dreary weather so we decided to call if off; but then we changed our minds few hours later.

Bolivar Peninsula is a popular vacation place for people to hang out on the beach. It has lovely vacation rental houses. It is accessible via Hwy 124 on the east side, but we got on the ferry that runs from Galveston on the west side. When we arrived at the port, a lot of vehicles were on line waiting for loading.



The Ferry is operated by Texas Department of Transportation and the 13-minute ride is free! It runs all day, since 1930. I think that is incredible, especially that we could also enjoy watching the sea gulls that ‘follow’ the ferry and the passengers who were feeding them, and the dolphins, which, well, I have yet to see. We went up the observation deck and the views were amazing! The ferry operation was smooth and efficient, and I really recommend the ride.

Our estimate was that we would get there before dark so we could watch the sun set from the beach. Points for the weather app! It was indeed misty and foggy on the areas close to the beach. We didn’t get to see the sun set, but it was perfect time to make a bonfire. By the beach. Under the moon and stars. With by the sound of the unending waves and the blowing wind. And a chilly one too 🙂


The part of the beach where we camped out was quiet, in fact, only the two of us where there, except for a lone person using a flashlight who was running on the dark beach. We enjoyed the fire that kept us warm for it was chilly and windy. It was one unforgettable amazing experience, and we were glad we changed our minds about not going 🙂 As the motivational quote goes – seize the day!! 🙂


A song has been written about Bolivar Peninsula, and the Ferry Ride has been called ‘the greatest free ride’ in Texas.


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  1. I love ferry rides. Whenever I am on a ferry, I will always try to get a view of the open sea. and feel the wind on my face. You didn’t get to see the sunset but you get to see the moon. Have a great week, dear.

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