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Foot covering in Taj Mahal

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An Indian attendant wrapping my shoes with cloth as I was about to enter the sacred ground and walk on the delicate tile floors of the marble Taj Mahal mausoleum. 

Shoes are not allowed in the Taj Mahal, so some visitors go bare footed, but for foreigners who don’t want to remove shoes, this shoe cloth covering was required for a fee.


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  1. That sounds quite interesting. When I visited Lotus Temple of New Delhi last time, entering with shoes isn’t allowed. But we can buy bags to stock them. Unfortunately I couldn’t go Taj Mahal.

    • That is a good thing to know! Thanks for sharing. India is incredible with many sacred places.. Sorry you couldn’t go to Taj Mahal that time. I have not been to Lotus Temple. Sounds so inviting!:-)

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