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Getting a Massage While Traveling in Asia

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Outside of our Indian hotel premises, there was a parlor, and I went there for a facial, haircut, pedicure and manicure package, as it was cheaper that way for the same amount or result of work, than getting it in the hotel salon, plus I needed to go out 🙂 The spa treatment took longer than anticipated. The facial deep cleaning was good, but I got more facial massage than I did conditioning itself!

The motherly Indian woman who was giving me the facial had strong and firm hands. I was drained of all stress afterwards, and literally, of energy also, speaking of muscle relaxation. But while the Indian woman was massaging my face, shoulders and back for way over one hour, I was observing and learning her style. She was a really good masseuse. I could get perhaps the same or even better service in the hotel parlor, but I was glad I went to that salon for the spa treatment.

Hotels in India

A photo of the Hotel where we stayed in Mumbai, India.

History shows that massage and touch therapy originated in Asia, and spread throughout the world. And yes, it is very common in Asia and extremely affordable.


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