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Hamilton Pool Preserve

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One of the stops on our trip on thanksgiving weekend was to the Hamilton Pool Preserve in Dripping Springs, Texas, just about 23 miles north of Austin off Highway 71.

From the parking lot we hiked less than a mile through a kind of a rugged terrain, hilly and rocky, but there are trails and pathways that make it easy for tourists to walk, climb on and hike along. It was an amazing sight – the jade green pool, the 50-foot water falls, the huge dome that partly collapsed long time ago, and the white beach were awesome, and make a wonderful and unique photo opportunity. Stalactites growing from the ceiling are amazing too.

At this time, there was no swimming allowed because of the bacteria level, but we went there to see the place in person since my boyfriend and I have never been there before. From the pool, we hiked about 0.60 mile to the Pedernales River, along the clear creek that was flowing from the pool.

It was an easy hike if you take it slow while watching the creek, the big rocks, the woods and vegetation, and listening to the sound of nature. It was indeed beautiful and one of a kind experience. We got there at the perfect time about 10:00 am as there was only one vehicle in front of us and there were still a lot of parking spots. In case you’re wondering, there are porta potties 🙂 around the unpaved parking lot.


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