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New WordPress Posts Not Showing on Homepage – The Solution

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If there is a Blue Screen of Death, there is also a White Screen of Death. For websites. No display. Only white page. But in my case, one of the websites has had the issue of new blog posts not showing up on the home page. Strangely, when author is logged on, it showed, but disappeared when logged out. The single post page was there, and in the admin area, published, and could be edited, it was just not visible on the main page.

I saw then when I tried to find solution that other people have been having the same issues also. There were some workarounds suggested by different people and I will show you those and which one worked in my case. 

  1. Clear out your browser cache and cookies.
  2. Force refresh the browser to check latest web-server page by clicking
    a. Windows: Ctrl + F5
    b. Mac/Apple: Apple + R or Cmd + R
    c. Linux: F5
  3. If you use Caching plugin, try to clear/delete its cache, deactivate them, clear your cache in browser, and try again.
  4. Deactivate all plugins and manually activate each one and see which one will make it work again.
  5. Update your theme and check if it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  6. Try to change your theme, use WordPress default unedited/clean theme and see it will work.
  7. Some themes have multiple widget areas. Check the settings for those layout areas to ensure posts appear on the homepage.
  8. You use a Slider plugin, assigned a category for that Slider, and somehow deactivated the plugin. The post with the same category will go with the slider. Check which category was assigned to the Slider and what category was the missing post filed under.
  9. Under Settings → Reading → “front page displays” set to “Your latest posts”.
  10. Under Settings > Writing, tick the option “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”, click Save Changes, then edit the post and click Update.
  11. Under “Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Homepage/Frontpage Options” and either un-select all the categories or select specific category which you want to display and then save changes.
  12. Change the permalink structure from whatever it is currently now to “Standard” or “Plain under Settings → Permalink → Plain, and save changes.
  13. Finally, what worked for me: I contacted my hosting provider and asked the technician if there were some server-side cache issues. It turned out, that even though all plugins were deactivated, there were some leftover codes for W3 Cache plugin left inside .htaccess at public_html folder. They reset .htaccess to default settings and removed ‘w3 cache’ plugin codes. So W3 Cache cannot just be deactivated. There actually is a process to totally remove it from the server, for the same great functionality it does, some of its codes reside in different places in your webserver that causes white screen or new posts not showing on the home page when deactivated.

I have not been managing the site for long time and somehow W3 Cache issue skipped me.


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