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Night Time Flying in Texas

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A photo of a stratocumulus cloud formation as seen from the sky at dusk, also showing the curvature of the earth. My pilot friend took me on a night flight between two airports south and southwest of Houston on his new airplane. He was planning to be a flight instructor. He said ‘flying is freedom’.

This was my second time flying beside the pilot 🙂 but first time flying at night when the air was cool and had not much energy in it. The airport runway lights were attractive too at night. My youngest brother is a student pilot and he showed me the difference between daytime and nighttime flying in terms of instruments and controls; it was very interesting. This was one of my unforgettable experiences.

Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up.
– Leonardo Da Vinci.


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  1. Hi! Happy New Year! It looks very fantastic! I got on a small plane many times,It is very different get on a plane with your friend. Thanks for sharing.

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