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Recapturing Joy Away from Home

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Two weeks ago, we celebrated the victory of our sister who passed the Nursing Board exam. We are so proud of her. She worked hard for it. Thanks to God. As in life in general, why do we celebrate, or why should we celebrate occasions despite our busyness? 

Life today is difficult. Problems challenge us and we worry about our future. It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking ourselves too seriously, of worrying about success, jobs, acceptance, parenting, illnesses, and so on. It’s easy to lose our ability to laugh. It’s easy to forget the simple ways of purely enjoying one another.

Celebration keeps us balanced in a difficult world, renews our perspective, and enable us to recapture joy. It provides us with an easy means of building friendships within the family. A real benefit of celebration is that it can be very simple yet the dividends are so great.

For those who are traveling or living abroad, we have the means to connect with our loved ones and join the celebration, thankfully. Thank God for the internet, we can celebrate and get in touch with our families everyday because of the information highway of today.


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