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Road Trip featuring Comanche, Texas

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Last week we traveled. We drove for about 6 hours from Houston heading to north-northwest Texas, passing through some smallish towns and country sides.

This road trip’s feature is the city of Comanche, in central Texas. Country living would be at its best here. The city motto says.

Comanche, Texas

Comanche, Texas

A statue of a Bull in Comanche. Comanche is a popular stop for hunters. Animals from A – alligator to W – woodcock, could be hunted during the hunting season. The bull was not on the list 🙂

Comanche, Texas

The Comanche City Hall Building and other businesses lining on the side of the highway western style.

Comanche, Texas

Comanche, Texas

From Comanche, we proceeded for the field work and photography in Abilene where it had been a pretty overcast and raining.

Abilene, Texas

Abilene, Texas

The sun didn’t pop out. The wind was blowing cold it was biting even after only few minutes. But I was still thankful, for at this time, somewhere in Houston area, a tornado crushed some places close to my home. I was sad for the victims, but I was so thankful that we were safe.


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