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Rock Climbing Adventure in Texas

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rock climbing in texas

Serving as a training ground for climbers in Texas preparing to hike mountains across the United States, one would think the Enchanted Rock would be challenging.

However, once I did it, Iā€™d say, it was a pretty easy to moderate hike, if you go slowly (and enjoy the views), that is, and on easy routes where a lot of people take.

rock climbing adventure in texas

But playful and active (hyper) kids did not slow down any, if anything, they were running up the rock passing the adults. A pregnant woman climbing, parents carrying their infants with them, and a woman who dared wear flip-flops was climbing up and down: all show how friendly the climb would be.

Hiking up the rock was a really fun experience and will suit everyone who is up for adventure to the top, which is at elevation 1,825ā€™ above sea level. The reward was an amazing panoramic view of Fredericksburg and of the Texas Hill Country!


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