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Things To Do in Seabourne Creek Park

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Seabourne Creek Park in Rosenberg, Texas

It was a beautiful and warm day the other day so it was perfect to go out and enjoy some outdoor time at the closest nature park I can get to.

Seabourne Creek Park

Seabourne Creek ParkThe one hundred sixty-four (164) acre Nature Park is located in 3831 Highway 36 South, Rosenberg, Texas.

It is ideal for family day picnics, bird watching, butterfly watching, fishing, jogging, running or walking, and for enjoying nature and some fresh air.

The Gazebo

rosenberg creek park

The first feature of the park is the RW Lindsey Gazebo up a green grass-covered hill with concrete pathway lined with beautiful lamplights and benches. It is also kind of an overlook of most parts of the park on one side and of the access highway on the other. It is 1,025 sq.ft. equipped with electricity and available for rentals.

rosenberg creek park

This day was windy so it was not ideal to practice-fly my lightweight drone, so I resorted to nature photography around this neat park.

1. Nature Photography at Seabourne Creek Park.

This is Beasley Branch merging with Seabourne Creek, which the park was named after.

Seabourne Creek

Seabourne Creek Park GardenSeabourne Creek Park Garden

2. Butterfly Watching

During the fall season, millions of monarch butterflies stop by this park at this very garden.

Seabourne Creek Park Garden

This time of the year, the flowers were not blooming and the monarch butterflies were spending their winter somewhere in Mexican forests.

Seabourne Creek Park Garden

In the spring, the beautiful and amazing monarch butterflies would stop off in Seabourne Creek Park’s log-fenced gardens to lay eggs on the milkweed plants before migrating north.

Seabourne Creek Park Garden

The Butterfly Garden at Sunset.

Seabourne Creek Park Garden

The Observation Deck

Seabourne Creek Park

3. Fishing at Seabourne Creek Park Lake

This is the 4-acre stock Seabourne Lake where people can fish for bass, perch and catfish.

Seabourne Park LakeSeabourne Park LakeSeabourne Park Lake

In the lake I spotted a turtle, and unfortunately, a dead fish as well. It looked like too big for a bait. Ants were spotted too.

Seabourne Park Lake

Seabourne Park Lake

Seabourne Park Lake

I asked this young man’s permission for his photo taken. He gladly obliged. He said he caught some bass.

Seabourne Lake fishing

On the other side of the loop, are the Wetlands Pond, Woodlands, and the Native Prairie. Between the Wetlands and the Woodlands is the Bird Sanctuary where more than a hundred species of birds were observed.

Seabourne Creek Park

Seabourne Creek Wetlands pond

Wetlands Pond Boardwalk.

Seabourne Creek Wetlands pond

Seabourne Creek Wetlands pondSeabourne Creek Wetlands pond

Seabourne Creek prairie

4. Bird Watching

bird watching

sunset at seabourne park

sunset at seabourne park

sunset at seabourne park

5. Walking, Jogging, Running, and Biking on the Trails

Part of the 2.42 total miles of walking trails around the park.

seabourne park walking trails

Seabourne Creek Park walking trailsSeabourne Creek Park walking trails

If you happen to Rosenberg, Texas, this is a nice recreational park to unwind or enjoy nature.

5. Enjoy nature and the Sunset

sunset at seabourne park

sunset at seabourne parksunset at seabourne park

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