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Aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Lexington


My beautiful mom and I aboard the USS Lexington (USS Lexington Museum on the Bay), a World War II-vintage aircraft carrier, docked in Corpus Christi, Texas! It also served as an attack carrier, anti-submarine carrier, and training carrier. Records show it is as tall as a 19 story building; as…


Happy Birthday, Mom!


It is my mother dearest’s birthday today! We are so thankful to God for giving her long life and pray that she will have many many more birthdays to come. She is the best mother in the world and I love her so much. I miss my mom!


Photo hunt: Flowers for all the mothers


These flowers are for all the mothers around the world as Mother’s day is being celebrated. You can choose what color you like. This is to let you all know how much we, as children, appreciate your role in our lives. You cared for us since we were still in…