Lemon Garnishing



I am enjoying the first return of my lemonsito plant investment – garnishing on my sauté vermicelli noodles!! 🙂 I love it! At one week it is thriving in the pot, 10′ above the ground; tender new leaves are coming out and it’s flowering like – little lemons :). I am so looking forward to plant it properly in the ground soon.

Calamondin Tree


I am so happy to have this 5 feet tall kalamansi/calamondin/lemòn tree, I think the last one of its kind on display in the Asian store, for $37. In the Philippines, this is called ‘Lemonsito’. We can make marmalade or lemon juice out of it’s fruit which is so rich in vitamin C, or can be used in some dishes. I am so looking forward to planting this dear little tree in my backyard soon!