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Purple Coneflower: MDJSP

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Purple Coneflower grows naturally in open woodlands, fields, and prairies. They are native to central and eastern North America.

Jasper, Texas

During our trip this weekend, we saw three fuzzy stems of purple coneflower about four feet tall growing in the flower bed in front of the Headquarters of Martin Dies, Jr. State Park.

Right by the front wall of the building were climbing vines, some ferns, and an orange drum/barrel on a campaign to ‘bring back the monarch’ along with unmistakable illustrations painted on it.

And the presence of the Echinacea purpurea few feet from the drum was nothing short of strategic.

Purple Coneflower

Purple ConeflowerThe radially symmetrical yellow spines shooting up from the prominent green flower head produce sweet nectar. They attract butterfly species such as painted lady, monarch, and Fritillary. The droopy petals radiating from the flower head catch the pollen from the central cone for an added invitation.

State Park HeadquartersThis was an awesome park; it was well-kept, huge, and offered lots of recreational activities including enjoying/watching the diverse nature and wildlife within its confines. You can have a really great time here!


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