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Santa’s Wonderland in Texas

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The Biggest Christmas attraction in the state of Texas that sparkles with over 3 million LED lights, is located in College Station. Santa’s Wonderland sits on 69 acres boasting Santa’s Town, Texas Christmas Village, and the spectacular over a mile long winding trail of lights. And this Christmas season, it called us for a road trip from Houston.

Santa’s Wonderland opens at six in the evening and we got there few minutes past five last weekend and there was already a long line of vehicles on the road waiting for parking. It was not bad at all. We got a good parking spot, refreshed, and waited outside on a line to get in once they open.

We went on Santa’s Hayride Tour to see the trail of lights. The hayride trailers were pulled by trucks. It was awesome. But more spectacular were the lights and Christmas scenes along the trails. It was really magnificent we really enjoyed it and along the way, I got some reflecting as we were slowly passing by the different scenes. It was indeed a special experience.

At Santa’s Town we got a chance to warm up some by the fire while enjoying the lively concert and the dancing in front of kids and adults alike. It was festive!

The food was great! We shared one so tasty turkey leg. I brought two bottles of water with us 🙂 The food and the admission tickets are kind of steep, but it was really worth it.

The weather forecast showed a 50% chance of rain the day before we would go. We both decided to chance it, we would brave it out and hope that the other 50% will keep it from not raining. I was really hoping it won’t rain! Going out and enjoying the outdoors is just so much better without rain. So off we drove and this was the sky mood. It was still a beautiful Texas sky. In the end, it didn’t rain out and we enjoyed the outdoor time we shared.


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