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Watching Sunset at El Paso Scenic Overlook

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There I stood on the rim of Franklin Mountain in El Paso, TX, at the Murchison Park, overlooking the City of El Paso, TX, USA, New Mexico, USA, and Juarez, Mexico. It was one scene feeling the wind blowing while I was watching the sky changed its colors in just a short amount of time during sunset. And another watching other people standing there also watching the magnificent show.

Sunset at El Paso Scenic OverlookSunset at El Paso Scenic OverlookEl Paso Scenic Drive view is captivating at night, and equally awesome sight during the day. It was so worth the drive on the winding road up the mountain to the best vantage area in Texas.

Sunset at El Paso Scenic Overlook
Psalm 113:3.


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