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Standin’ on a Corner in Winslow, AZ

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It was just a few miles away from my route, so I detoured to visit the park memorializing the Eagles’ song “Take it Easy”, the Standin’ on a Corner Park in a nice historic town of Winslow, Arizona on old Route 66. It became a quiet town when Interstate Highway 40 by-passed it, but there were still some small businesses around, and to patronize them, I went inside the store right across from the statue, bought a drink and met the very nice owners. We were taking it easy! Every time I will hear that Eagles’ song, I can say that I’ve been on that corner and I was standin’ there 🙂It was worth the stop and experience, it was such a fine place to see. Also, there is something interesting about that structure that can be seen on Google Earth, if you have never been there.)

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A YouTube video of the Eagles performing the song ‘Take It Easy’ in 1977. Not born yet.


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  1. Love that corner …nice sidetrip. Thanks for linking to the Eagles as well, otherwise I’d have been hearg the song in my head all day…not a bad “ear worm’ to have though.

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