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Bluebonnet Fields – Texas Hill Country

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Where to see Bluebonnet fields in Hill Country?

Being one of the largest plant nurseries and seed suppliers in Central Texas, one could expect to see extensive collection of farmed in-season and even hard-to-find plants in the meadows and the fields. As for the wildflowers, they were now in full bloom at the Texas Wildseed Farm, from Red Corn to Multi-colored Corn Poppies, and Texas’ very own State Flower! While in some areas the Bluebonnets were seeding out and past their peak already, at this farm, they were at their prime for the 2017 season.

bluebonnet fields texas hill country

bluebonnet fields texas hill country

It is located at 100 Legacy Drive off Hwy 290, about 7 miles east Fredericksburg. It is a great destination this time to see Bluebonnets and colorful wildflowers while they are blooming. It is perfect for gardening treat as well, as they sell seeds and garden products.

bluebonnet fields texas hill country

It was exactly one year ago today when I took my parents to Texas Wildseed Farm to enjoy these delightful fields and fields of blooming flowers and for a breath of fresh air. It was amazing to be there and be surrounded by a sea of gorgeous colors! It was so refreshing and memorable!

bluebonnet fields texas hill country

red corn poppies fields texas hill country

All roadsides in the Texas Hill Country are scenic in their own beautiful ways where we can find wildflowers this time of the year. And for a genuine Texas Hill County Adventure while you are there, plan to see the breathtaking view of Hill Country from on top of the Enchanted Rock, or visit Hill Country Wineries!

bluebonnet fields texas hill country


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